Welcome to Dragonstarcre8

I am rejoining the “Art” world. After an absence of 30 plus years, I felt it was time to rejuvenate my love of art. I began with photos of my garden which are mostly Irises. Their uniqueness and coloring inspired me. After a time I decided it was time to take up the brushes again and so my journey with watercolors began a few years ago. Recently I have been branching out from the floral themes to other subjects. It has been fun and enlightening.

I hated watercolors in school since I didn’t have the patience.
As I have “matured” I have seem to have a little more patience.Each painting is a new journey for me and I grow with each one. I prefer the macro paintings but I find that the full size blooms are the ones that are more marketable. At least those sales help a little bit with my supplies. LOL.

I consider myself a novice with lots of room for growth. I am so enjoying this journey that I am on and hope you enjoy the ride.Celebrate the moments. They quickly disappear.

Sherry Cummings